Dear Flamingo fans,

We are delighted to bring you news that Flamingo’s second home will be opening on the delightful Sea Road, just 100 metres from the beach at Boscombe Spa. We have this week completed the acquisition of James and White Group, which includes James and White in Christchurch, which is set to become our 3rd Chicken & Blues restaurant.

Since opening Flamingo in May 2021, just as the pandemic was coming to an end, we have been so appreciative of the support and encouragement from the neighbourhood in Winton. We couldn’t have hoped for a nicer community in which to open the first Flamingo – the team have worked so hard. Thank you, everyone!

This year we shall continue to refine our products and services, based purely on guest feedback and insights from our team. When you talk, we listen! We are committed to continual improvement, and intend to make headway in 2023, starting now.

We are aiming to open the doors of Flamingo Boscombe Spa pre-Summer this year, with various work behind the scenes commencing this week. With 25+ new team members joining us, we have started the recruitment process too – so get in touch if you’re interested in joining the team at either location.

Here’s to a fantastic year for us all!

Best regards,

Josh, Steve, and Danielle :-)

Joshua Simons (co-founder)
Steve Crawford (co-founder)
Danielle Campbell (managing partner)

Pic: Flamingo is headed to James and White Boscombe Spa (formerly Reef Encounter).