Flamingo is delighted to have partnered with LifeJacket Skin Protection to offer visiting Guests complimentary suncream throughout the Spring and Summer.

Lifejacket’s story began with personal setback. Three healthy young men, who thought they were indestructible. But then, several of their friends – all healthy and in their thirties – were hit by cancer. One of them was Jono, co-founder.

Through this experience they learnt that skin cancer – one of the world’s most common cancers – is not only on the rise, but also that most people don’t think about the need for year-round skin protection. That’s especially true of men who are almost twice as likely as women to die of skin cancer.

Emboldened, they created LifeJacket, with the single vision of stopping the increase in skin cancer. Taking better care isn’t just about preventing skin cancer though. Lifejackets believe year-round protected skin is healthy skin and healthy skin makes you happier and more confident. That’s why they design products that give your skin what it needs – all year round – for long-term skin health.

Stationed on the wall of both Flamingo locations is a Lifejackets dispenser. Guests are welcome to help themselves to the product when dining and drinking in the sunny areas of the venue, free to enjoy the long and bright days and evenings, knowing their skin is being protected by this high quality product.

When the roof comes off, the suncream goes on!

Welcome to LifeJacket at Flamingo.

We’ve #GotYourBack.

Learn more at https://lifejacketskinprotection.com/